So what can you do to get rid of fleas safely?

Sooner or later, every pet owner faces fleas. Dogs and cats naturally attract fleas. Even worse, once your pet gets fleas, these insects will probably infest your home. flea control testimonial-dr-fasano1 Click here to listen to a podcast of author Barry Silverstein talking about the flea life-cycle and developing a natural flea control strategy.

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Did you know…

Fleas reproduce constantly. An adult female can produce up to 800 eggs in her lifetime.
Fleas like warm and humid conditions, but they do not die off in cold and dry conditions — they simply stay inactive. That’s why it’s important to use prevention and control techniques on an on-going basis.
Fleas can cause dermatitis, a skin condition in dogs, cats, and humans. Even worse, they can carry diseases that can be harmful to pets.


Step-by-step, easy to follow instructions for flea control problems

Checklists and calendars for both maintenance and flea infestation scenarios
Simple how-to steps for easy natural flea control management
A Case Study: Fleas in the White House!
Tons of flea control resources and links compiled in chapter extras
How to flea control Video links

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