If you only had about 14 days from birth until death, what would you do with your time?   If you were a flea you’d be doing two things, eating (biting people and pets) and laying eggs.  A flea’s mission is life is to eat and reproduce, which is not unlike some humans I’ve encountered.  With a life span that short, they have nothing to lose, and will not hesitate to bite you without your permission.   The key is to create an environment very, very uninviting.  Use natural products in and around your house to make these little resilient bugs prefer to be somewhere else.  
Note: Please disregard the ironic ads you might see for toxic flea control products in these videos as we have no control over which ads display.  The toxic pesticide industry is well funded and they advertise everywhere including prime time television.  Please join us to educate and spread the word about safer alternatives.

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